Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pancake Breakfast

Someone we only recently met invited Tim and I over for a banana pancake breakfast this morning. How cool is that?

What did we do to deserve such a kindness? Well, we brought them a new family member in the form of Queen Beanie.

Beans, as I like to call her, is very special to me. She’s the ‘perfect dog'...the classically fantastic pit bull that I wish every dog family could enjoy at least once in their life. Utterly delightful, gorgeous, and, as our weekend Pit Bull Hall manager Kim describes, “all about positive energy.” I just love that damn dog. Saying good bye to beasties like her can be gut wrenchingly tough, but SO much easier when we can see the important role she’s going to play in her new people’s life.

When I did the home-check, I did the obligatory fence check, made recommendations about tie-downs and crates, and warned about stained carpets and chewed chair legs. But what stood out above and beyond anything I could mark on my checklist was the sweet collection of family portraits all over their house. This is the type of home that cherishes their friends and family --- Exactly where Beanie needs to be. The couple’s only child is a bright eight year soccer fan who sacrificed a prized stuffed animal to Beans during our breakfast meeting. DoG willing, he’ll enjoy his pet through the rest of his childhood all the way up until he graduates high school as a handsome young man. I can only hope that Beans teaches him lessons about friendship, tolerance and unconditional love, that she comforts him when he has his first heartache and that she mugs her way into new family photos on their walls.

You go Beanie; Do what you came here to do.

The pancakes were wonderful. The family was thrilled. And, I traded my beloved Beanie for that fabulously bittersweet feeling that keeps all of us who do pit bull placement hopelessly addicted to this work.



anna maria said...

I wish Beanie all the best in her new home. Keep up the good work, and thank you for doing it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the anonymous, that was me, Anna Maria.