Friday, November 30, 2007

Vick's Co-defendants get high end sentence

District Judge Henry E. Hudson called what happened to the dogs "a tragedy."

Vick's co-defendants get 18 and 24 months jail time and 3 years probation.

On behalf of the beautiful dogs that suffered terribly under the conditions they were kept and the abuse they endured, Thank you Mr. Hudson. News Story

Vick will be sentenced on December 10.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that these high sentences continue. Thank you to Judge Hudson for punishing the true criminals in this case.

Anonymous said...

It is most appropriate to write letters to encourage the maximum penalty for Vick. You can write to:
Please write letters to:
The Honorable Henry Hudson
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. U.S. Courthouse
1000 E. Main Street, Suite 305
Richmond, VA 23219-3525
United States Attorney's Office
Attn: Chuck Rosenberg, Esq.
600 East Main Street Suite 1800
Richmond, VA 23219-2447
(804) 819-5400

Important points to remember about Vick-

State Case: "The two state charges — beating or killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs, and engaging in or promoting dogfighting — also are punishable by up to five years in prison each."

Federal Case:
"In an Aug. 27 plea agreement, Vick admitted bankrolling a dogfighting enterprise and providing gambling money, as well as helping to kill six to eight dogs."

Thank you,

Lynn (with Megan's help)

Donna said...

Good advice.

Thank you Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you, Your Honor, for upholding the law and not discriminating against our breed.

You'll see. The dogs will prove your decision was not foolhardy...they'll prove PETA and the HSUS wrong...for ALL pit bulls out there.

Thanks BR for all of the sleepless nights and sweat and tears that have surely gone into this project. I honestly believe this couldn't have happened without your pit bull-like determination.