Monday, November 26, 2007

Stella Polari

Some news about Stella Polari, our transplant from the Michigan Humane Society. She's just recovering from a spay/abort surgery, as is our practice whenever we intake pregnant females. In another life, she would've been getting ready to be an undernourished mama to eleven puppies (ACK), but instead, she's starting classes and learning about creature comforts and life as a housepet in her temporary foster home.

An update from her foster mom Katie:

"When I first heard of Stella, Donna had mentioned that this special girl gives "hugs." I was a little worried because I had just finished fostering a big American Bulldog-pit bull mix who also liked to jump up and give rude knock-you-over hugs. Little did I know what I was in store for. Little Stella likes to gently jump up wrap her paws around you and look into your eyes as if to say 'love me!'. Its difficult to say no! All this girl wants is love. She's a little insecure about the world right now, but who could blame her? She came into the program pregnant, itchy, skinny and shy. Little does she know that she is one of luckiest dogs in the world to have made it to CA. Her name comes from Stella Polari(s), the north star. The stars had to have been set up right for this special girl, because currently all other pit bulls are put to sleep in the Detroit shelter system. She is literally one in a million.

Two and a half weeks have gone by since she first arrived on the plane from Detroit. A lot has happened in two weeks! She's on a new plan towards getting healthy. When I asked the vet how old she might be the vet replied "She has the teeth of a two or three year old dog and the body of ten year old". Wow! She's had a lot of puppies and not the best care up until this point in there life. Her skin is a mess, her tits hang to the floor, and she's under weight. Time to get this girl into shape. Its only been a little over two weeks and we're already seeing so many changes. She is now spayed, her coat is clearing up, and she is slowly gaining more energy.

She had a little more energy today than usual. Saying 'a little more' is not a whole lot though. She doesn't want to play in the yard, she just wants to be glued to your side so I am thrilled whenever she opens up a little and acts more confident. This morning she played with a stuffed dog toy and ran a few more zoomies than usual, which I take as a good sign. This girl is nothing but sweet sweet sweet.

I cannot wait to report more as she progresses. Its time for Stella to get her groove back!"

Thank you, Katie!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear she is doing well! I was waiting for an update on the chocolate girl :)

Jackelyn said...

Great news! She'll get her energy in no time! I'd love a Stella hug:)

Anonymous said...

I fostered a pittie mix who gave wonderful, gentle hugs. There is nothing in the world like those hugs!! What a lover!

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! I'm so glad you guys were able to save her! She's one lucky dog and her foster mom is one lucky lady to have the honor of putting a roof over her head until she finds her forever family.

Anonymous said...

In that first picture, It looks like Stella is thinking,

" Please come closer, I wanna give you a big fat doggie kiss! "

She looks adorable !

Go Katie & Stella !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stella is beautiful. What a lucky girl she is to have ended up where she is today.