Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cheap Thrills, Fine Art & a Detroit Transplant

Some may be coming out to see the naked butts in our BAD RAP Exposed Calendar this Saturday, Nov 10, at the Tuff Love Show, but the real stars will be the many works of art that will be on display.

Petal (left)- a life size portrait carving by Tim Racer - will be prancing across the gorgeous spaces of the Takara Sake Factory, and will be surrounded by quality art pieces for sale, such as these. (Hm. I may to have to get ready to fight over that mosaic piece!)

Great art is showing up in the Silent Auction, too. So bring your checkbook and get ready to jot down your best bids. This lovely print was kindly donated by the dog lovers of Fifty Crows Gallery and is part of the 'In the South' series from the Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography.

For 25 years, Adams has been documenting the people of Appalachia. His affectionate portraits of individuals and families speak to us with tenderness and sincerity. Adams has received two NEA fellowships and has published 'Appalachian Portraits' and 'Appalachian Legacy.'
Beautiful. Valued at $500.

Other items to shop at the silent auction:
- A week's stay in a vacation home in Jackson Hole WY
- A week's stay in a vacation flat in Cole Valley, SF
- Two night's stay in the sweet Hopland Inn
- Numerous gift baskets full of dog products and other goodies
- Tickets to shows at Freight & Salvage, Giant's Games & more
- Too much more for my bleary eyes to list...Just bring your checkbook!

Our Detroit Mama is Here!

Mandatory exercise for reading this blog:
1. Open this LINK
2. Put on your dancing shoes.
for Detroit!...AND, Stella Polare

Our Newest Transplant

Stella just scored a spot in our program after making goo-goo eyes during a visit to Michigan Humane Society's Detroit Shelter at the end of October.

She was confiscated in a drug bust and has lived some adventures in her day, but she told us that she's more than willing to leave those days behind her.

She'll be spit-shined, polished up, spayed and tutored before finally making her way to our adoption program.

What a ham. Stella poured out of her crate at the airport with a big fat smile on her face, ready to go. The air cargo crew gaped at her hanging boobies and messy coat, but we assured them that our girl had a standing date with Spa Katie. Katie Moyer is her new foster mama and is set to devote many weeks of TLC and training to get her in good shape and ready for adoption. She's had good practice: the bouncy Harvey and Princess Sadie both found their manners in her care.

Big thanks to Katie, and to Kristy Grasak and her many helpers at Michigan Humane Society for all you did to get Stella to CA.

Here's a little YouTube Movie of Stella giving hugs to her new friend Tim.


Jackelyn said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! And she is a hugger. My girl gives out hugs just like that. Pittie hugs are the BEST hugs!

Thanks, as always, for saving this sweet girl.

kari in alaska said...

She is beautiful! I have always had a soft spot for chocolate dogs for some reason :)

Anonymous said...

HOW SAD !!Another poor momma who fullfilled her duties to her ignorant owners. She made them some money and then they discarded her. Well DOUBLE KUDOS again to BADRAP for saving this precious soul and for saying to the world that momma dogs are NOT disposable!! SO BOO YAH!! She is beautiful..saggy tits and all !!
Thank you Katie (foster mom) for taking her in and showing her the love that she deserves!!!!!
Crystal J Apollo Beach FL

Anonymous said...

Tim ..OMG you do beautiful work!!!
An artist and a PITBULL miracle worker..what a man !!!! YOU ROCK!!!
Crystal J Apollo beach FL/ (HCAS) tampa

Pam said...

She's beautiful and such a GREAT hugger! It looks like she'd give great kisses, too, if she could get that big tongue near a face. :O)

Mac`s Gang said...

Still laughing at that Detroit sing song video.
Oh Stella,you`re one lucky beautiful gal!
Someone will be happy to have you in their life.

Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous!! and so sweet.

Tor Hershman said...

You have an extremely fine blog.

Stay on groovin’ safari,


Jessica said...

i'm a detroit transplant myself! however, i came to the other side of the country. i'm so happy to see that you are working with the michigan humane society in detroit. thank you for taking care of this sweet adorable wonder pup!