Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Slam Dunk for the Dogs

Our entire crew got a triple espresso shot in the arm this week when writer George Dohrmann nominated BR for the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award for helping the Vick dogs.


He told us that he wanted readers to remember the dogs, especially as we get closer to Vick's sentencing date. Nice. Thank you George.

Unfortunately, we're only at half time with this bigger project and weren't able to give him the score on the dogs. (Darnit!) Talk about integrity; once he knew we were limited in what we could say, he never tried to squeeze dog details out of us. That's a rare breed journalist. I'm only sorry that he speculated that the dogs might not fit the description of gentle. Seems the naysayers hold heavy influence. But, Soon enough. Patience grasshopper.

Sophie Update!

While we wait for the opp to share some of their stories, Miss Sophie is more than happy to answer the questions that America's been asking about the Vick dogs. And now...She's going home! I love her new movie, made by foster mom Stephanie, to help her remember this special little houseguest. Watch: Sophie's Dance

The Good Guys

Last week was a crowded blur of workshops, demos, field trips and gab when a group of eight shelter workers flew in to attend our fourth Pit Ed Camp of the year. They represented shelters in San Diego County, Philly and Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS). ACO Dave Walker (right) from Spokane got his fill of pit bull love. We had a great time. Pit bulls have good friends in their corners in these towns.

Once Camp let out, we grabbed a quick flight back to Florida to meet friends fromthe Animal Farm Foundation and to see how folks in the Tampa shelters were doing with their pit bull adoption programs.

Hillsborough County Animal Service staff was proud to show us three new kennels designated for breed ambassadors in their brand new adoption wing. They had just adopted out a favorite pit bull to a great home the night before we arrived.

Further down the bay, we tipped our hats to the crew at SPCA Tampa Bay. They have such a common sense approach to pit bull adoptions that we wanted to kiss them. Okay, we did kiss them.

When asked how they handled pit bulls from cruelty busts, they looked puzzled. What else? Every dog is treated as an individual, no matter their background. They receive kennel enrichment, exercise, love and - if they pass their evaluations - they're eventually adopted into loving homes. Brava, Brava

Photo: SPCA Tampa Bay staffers Donna, Connie and friend.

CALENDARS! are finally going out the door. If you've been waiting for yours - thank you - Look in your mailbox starting this coming weekend.


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Thank you for the great stories Donna. I needed that today.


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Donna and Tim, you totally rock.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jackelyn said...

Yay for some positive pittie press. For that and for groups like yours, I am THANKFUL!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL:)

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got my calendar! Thanks!~

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