Sunday, June 03, 2007

Somebody -- Give that man a LEASH!

Four times a year, we have the wonderful opportunity to meet pet owners from some of our most challenged neighborhoods in Oakland. This happens at the Free Shots Fairs, which are sponsored by the East Bay SPCA.

We love doing this event. It's exciting, tiring, fun, depressing and gratifying all at the same time.

One of the first things we do when we see people walking their dogs in on chains or ropes is to offer them a proper leash. Then, we show them how to use it so their dog can be under good control. Like magic, 300+ dogs can stand in line peacefully even though most have never been outside of their yard. Pet owners smile, dogs wag. It's a good day for everyone.

So...What's my point? We need leashes! With the Shots Fair only one week away (Sunday, June 10) we're frightfully low on our supplies and only have half of what we need.

We would love to make sure that every dog walks home on proper equipment. If you can donate a leash and/or collar, we can guarantee it will make a huge difference. We especially need strong leashes and medium sized collars - 18'-22' - for our pit bull friends. Prong collars are great too for the bigger, rowdier canines.

If you can help, please deliver them to the East Bay SPCA: 8323 Baldwin Street Oakland, Ca 94621 - or - to the Oakland Animal Shelter 1101 29th Ave. Oakland, CA 94601

Thank you Thank you!

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Anonymous said...


I would like to donate $100 specially toward the purchase of collars and leashes for the shots fair. Since I live out of state it's not possible for me to drop them off. What's best way to get money to you guys quickly?

You guys do such a wonderful job, this is just one example.