Friday, January 19, 2007


As a BADRAP outsider, I had always heard rumors about how crazy the BADRAP contact@ inbox was. You see, is where the general public can send questions, comments, and concerns to BADRAP. The steering committee, a group of pit bull loving volunteers, answers them. From time to time, they would share a sweet letter or interesting situation with the other volunteers in BADRAP. They were usually heartwarming or showed some cute pit bull. They gave a little taste of what the steering committee handled on a daily basis.

It is only now, that I am helping answer these emails, that I truly understand the nature and frequency of them. They come fast and often. The range of questions and comments is as broad as they are deep. They break your heart, touch your soul and drive you crazy. They are desperate, generous, and sometimes entertaining.

You can't understand unless you receive them, but I thought I would share some with you. Here are the subject lines of some from the last week. This is, indeed, a small sample of what is received:

Small Rescue Needs Advice
Leash Laws
Two Dogs Need Help
Craigslist pit bull breeding
Adoption Agreement and Contract?
If my pit was stollen...
Bully Help
East Coast Seminar?
Help for BADRAP
Interest in Jolee
Dog in Need in Santa Cruz
Any pits?
Pit Bull in Desperate Need
Ortho Surgery Suggestions
Please help me Save my 2 loving pit bulls
Pit needs a home

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