Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Village Gets Busy

Since leaving kennel life, Chickie Sue's world has gotten much bigger. As promised, here are pix of our orphan girl with her friends passing time while waiting for her permanent home to find her. (Confused? See Blog below.)

Driving under the influence of Chickie Sue.

A fun visit at 'the office' with her friend Steve.

Don't tell the passengers, but....

How much do we love these ladies!

Berenice's kids have dubbed her 'Chickie Soup.'
Nice downstay, girls!

Come back soon for more pix and updates!


Colleen said...

Chickie soup! Hahaha. Great pics, I love the one of her and the 2 ladies.

anna maria said...

Yay for Chickie Sue,
and the Bad Rap Crew!

Mary Eisenhart said...

Chickie Soup for the soul!

Leesa Simons said...

How cute is she with those two ladies?
She's a beautiful dog..I'm smitten with her, and so is my husband...
Someone has to be able to see past her poor ears and just look at her EYES - they're so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

She looks like an awesome dog!

Anonymous said...

Sweetest, dearest Chickie Sue!
If I had but one wish come true,
it would be a loving home for you,
Pretty Pittie Chickie Sue!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys:

Now i am looking that dog his very cute i like very much.